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26th October 2020

 LATEST SESSION ADDED: 22nd October 2020

 TOP:  Master Aaron           10 Streaming Minutes 

It’s Daddy’s job to train his animals. And this fucking pony needs exercise and discipline! I saddle up and order this cretin to clamber over the obstacle course. Of course the dozy cunt is useless and constantly fails! What this lazy arse needs is a hard lashing to teach it. WHACK! Haha! And I won’t allow the pussy to shy away from the lashes of my belt. It’s going to obey me or I’ll turn that lily arse black and blue!


 TOP:  Master Aaron           10 Streaming Minutes 

I spend all day working hard on a construction site and the least this lazy fucking faggot can do is lick my boots and sweaty feet clean! I demand the cunt worship with his tongue while beating its arse raging red. This greedy bitch’s oral skills need serious improvement. I get a massive rush ramming its disgusting gob full with a fat dildo till the pathetic cunt hurls all over the floor. Haha! What a LOSER!

 TOP: Master Thomas and Master Aaron           10 Streaming Minutes 

Instead of getting our exercise at the gym Master Thomas and I like to get a workout belting the fuck out of this disgusting cunt’s big arse! We work up a real sweat flexing our muscles as this little bitch collapses in agony beneath us. We’ve still got a power tool from the construction site so use it to mash the fucker’s insides, POUNDING his hole into oblivion! It’s hilarious washing the whining bitch’s face in our piss while screwing that battered arse.

 TOP: Master Derek           12 Streaming Minutes 

It’s such a fucking rush restraining a feisty muscular fucker like this! Every muscle in the bastard’s body fights as I grind up against and press my raging hard cock up against that tight arse. That cunt is mine and I yank apart those hairy arse cheeks to get a full look at it. I get off TEARING that hole open and WHIPPING that fucking arse. Every howl of pain turns me on even more and I control every inch of this dickhead’s body. As it should be!

 TOP: Master Dave and Master Derek           16 Streaming Minutes 

Master Derek and I get off on cornering a faggot in the public toilets and turning it into our bitch! We bind the struggling bastard up so that arse is perfectly positioned to receive a mean hard fucking. All this pussy can do is cry out so I put that mouth to good use shoving my arse in its face and making it tongue my stinking bum hole. What a queer fucking LOSER!

 TOP: Master Dave and Master Derek           10 Streaming Minutes 

This stupid cunt's disgusting bell end isn't good for anything but tying up. I get a hard on caning it's pale arse till it's flaming red. Then I ram my angry cock into that destroyed arse while Master Derek slams his dick into the wimp's mouth. Those groans of pain just make us laugh. This lazy fucker's only purpose is as a cum receptable and we cover it's ruined bum and angry face in our hot semen!

 TOP: Master Dave and Master Derek           12 Streaming Minutes 

Keeping this bitch stark naked and suspended in the middle of the room, I get such a raging hard on looking at that fat muscular arse wiggling at me. The more this pathetic bastard writhes and moans in pain the hornier we get. Master Derek is even more of a sadist using this gagging wretch’s drool and snot to slick up his fat stiff cock. We gang up to POUND this cunts arse like powerhouses and bathe the faggot in spunk!

 TOP:  Master Dave           10 Streaming Minutes 

Keeping this muscular cunt tied down to my discipline bench I get such a hard on grinding against that sporty bum. There’s only a thin layer of footy shorts between me and that warm slutty arsehole! I could start a prosperous business selling this fag’s arse to a queue of horny punters! What fuckin RUSH it is tenderizing this fucker’s pale cheeks so once I destroy those shorts I can see how they blaze red hot. I make this pathetic dickhead beg and ensure that this desperate trembling WHORE knows I’m the boss!

 TOP:  Master Dave           13 Streaming Minutes 

Disciplining and watching this disgusting little runt desperately struggle is such a massive turn on! I can feel the angry energy surging through my body and my dick is buzzing wanting to be serviced. I shove my cock in this cunt’s wet gob to slick it up and it gives me a giant throbbing hard on. I NEED to fuck! It feels so fucking good SMASHING this slut’s arse! It makes me pound harder hearing the fucker moan and weep. And when I feel like my balls are about to explode I unload into the cunt’s mouth making sure this whore swallows every drop of my spunk!

 TOP: Master Aaron and Master Dave           9 Streaming Minutes 

We know this sorry loser gets a stiffy from just a whiff of our stinky pits and crotches! For a laugh we want to see what effect we can have on this desperate bastard’s sad dick. It’s such a fuckin RUSH shoving it down on its knees and mashing its face against our big dicks. Sniff Master Aaron’s dirty arse crack you pathetic worm! Even a fart directly in its face gets it hard. Hahaha! As soon as its disgusting prick is throbbing we fucking whack it with our leather belts. Take that ya faggot! Ha!

 TOP: Master Leo             10 Streaming Minutes 

Skinhead scally Master Leo is an unrelentingly dangerous and cruel fucker!
He furiously belts his cowering bitch demanding absolute subservience and lashes his arse till it’s black and blue.

 TOP: Master Toby   24 Images 4 Videos     13 Streaming Minutes 
 TOP: Master Austin 30 Images 4 Videos     7 Streaming Minutes 



Handsome young Master Austin rage fucks his lowly sub before filling his mouth with spunk and logs from his arsehole! This is one of our hottest ever, most extreme sessions with a stunning new Master.


 TOP: Master Bob 45 Images 4 Videos     11 Streaming Minutes 



Horny Master Bob voraciously fucks his sub into the floor making the wimp groan in pain and discomfort. Then the snarling top viciously lashes the runt's arse until deep red welts appear, much to his sexual satisfaction. The humiliated worm is completely defeated by this damaging session!


 TOP: Master Austin 34 Images 4 Videos     10 Streaming Minutes 



Incredbly handsome new Master Austin squirts stinking douche water directly into this feeble sub’s mouth then fucks him raw with his massive dick. The vicious little top doesn't stop ramming his dick deep into the sub's hole until he's totally satisfied. This is one of Brutal Top's wildest ever fucking sessions!


 TOP: Masters Maurice and Dave 43 Images 4 Videos     13 Streaming Minutes 



Horny young Masters Maurice and Dave dominate and then fuck this worthless sub in a very visible, public space. The sub is humiliated as the passers-by watch on as he his mistreated by the snarling tops.


 TOP: Master Terry 34 Images 4 Videos     9 Streaming Minutes 



Horny Master Terry returns and uses his feeble sub as a human toilet. After ordering the runt to worship his shapely arse, the top demands that he swallows whatever drops from his hole directly into the sub's open mouth. This is one of Brutal Top's most extreme ever sessions!


 TOP: Masters Mike, Derek & Sebastian 135 Images 4 Videos     16 Streaming Minutes 



Army bully boys Master Mike and Master Derek are in the mood to make some trouble. Joined by Master Sebastian the Tops pick on useless recruit drew, press-ganging him into a game of soggy biscuit with them. Normally a rugby initiation test, the aim of the game, or humiliation in this case, is for a bunch of guys to all masturbate together and cum as quickly as they can over a biscuit placed on the floor in front of them. The loser is the last one to empty their balls; Their punishment?

To munch on the spunk covered confection of course until every last crumb is devoured. Mike knows that drew has an unfair advantage over them in this game; Surrounded by naked handsome men the dirty little fucker is bound to blow his load in a matter of seconds while eyeing up their massive cocks. So to handicap the slutty sub, Mike tapes drew's fingers to his palms with gaffer tape to make him look like a crappy boxer. Master Derek is quick to realise that with a sub on hand the Tops have the upper hand in the game, they'll use drew's sloppy wet mouth to suck them hard, then fuck his arse until they're ready to cum, after all there's no point in keeping a dog and barking yourself.

Now resigned to the fact that for the rest of his Army training he will be used as the Top's sex bitch, just a fucking or sucking post to sate their every sexual need or frustration, drew gets to work servicing their growing cocks with his mouth, sucking on each soldier in turn with his pouting whore-like lips. Drew's warm wet mouth gets the Masters started on their journey to ejaculation, all they need now is a tight fuckable hole and the winners rights is theirs for the taking.


 TOP: Master Mike & Master Nick 167 Images 4 Videos     28 Streaming Minutes 



Master Mike is in full-on bully mode. Restraining sub jason's arms by tightly tying them behind his back with coarse rope, Mike then shreds the bottom's white t-shirt, roughly ripping the last remnants of material from the sub's body. As the binds bite into jason's skin, Mike orders him to strip... A simple enough task but something this pathetic sub still gets wrong, resulting in humiliating verbal and stinging hand slaps from his Master. Trussed up like a turkey the bottom struggles to loosen his clothing, wriggling and squirming to shrug them off, receiving lashes from Mike's leather cat-o-nine tail for taking too long. Nick arrives and immediately joins Mike in abusing the sub.

Ordered to tidy up his clothes after stripping naked, the useless fuck gets repeatedly beaten as punishment for failing to do as he has been told, much to the Tops amusement. Time for some motivational encouragement courtesy of Master Mike. Attaching chrome nipple clamps to jason's chest, the short quick rasping sound of the sub's breath tells us that even the slightest tug on the chain that connects them shoots bolts of pain through the sub's nervous system. Leading the sub around by pulling on the chain wracks it's body with tantalising torment. Mike is a truly Brutal Top. Begging his Masters to use him, sub jason is bent over and finger fucked by Nick while Mike compounds the sub's misery by tugging at the nipple clamps, the whimpers and cries leave the Tops under no illusion that their fiendish punishment is working.

Standing the sub up the Tops take turns to have the cocks groped and fondled by it, demanding jason tease and stroke their penises to get them hard. The restrictive hand gag they each apply in turn over the sub's mouth means he can only breath through his nose, causing his nostrils to flare as he struggles to draw in enough oxygen to combat the pain of the nipple clamps and the torment being metered out by the Tops.


 TOP: Master Nick & Master Lukas 92 Images 4 Videos     9 Streaming Minutes 



Cruel medics Master Nick and Master Lukas are training a new sub in need of an attitude adjustment. The angry red welts cutting stripes across sub james' fleshy buttocks prove he still has a lot to learn, and fast, if he wants to avoid any more punishing swipes of the Top's crop. Nick decides he'll cram james' dick into a small chastity cage, an ever present reminder that all sexual pleasure is the domain of his Masters and not an unworthy sub like him. Squeezing james' testicles through the small chastity collar causes the sub some obvious discomfort, much to Nick's amusement. Lifting its legs to inspect his handiwork Nick paddles james' buttocks with his hand adding more stinging pain to the already glowing red cheeks. With a knowing nod to Master Lucas the plan is set, james will be their fuck bitch, both his holes will get ruined on their thick hard pricks.

Ordering the sub to kneel before him Nick pushes his already stiffening cock into the face of the sub, its mouth opening without question to begin servicing his Master with its slutty wet mouth and tongue. Master Lucas rarely loses his magnificent hard erection; First slipping a finger into the sub's anus to prepare it for his considerable girth, Lucas takes up position behind james and in one push sinks his cock deep into its bowel. Having his anus stretched on such a big cock makes james wince in pain, dropping Nick's cock from between his lips and earning him a couple of whacks for good measure from his Master.

The Tops swap positions, james' head gripped between Lukas' strong hands as his throat gets fucked by the cock that's only just been pulled out from his arse. Nick has already pushed his wet, tongue bathed cock into the space left by Lukas' equally thick penis, stretching the sub's sphincter even further as he pummels the poor bastards to take his pleasure. Choking the sub on his dirty cock as he pushes it deep into james' throat has brought Master Lucas close to the edge of cumming. Pulling his cock out from between the sub's lips its already coated in his heavy load and thick with the sub's saliva. Milking the last of his precious load from his balls Lukas feeds james' with it, every last drop must be devoured. Nick unsheathes his hard dick from james' slutty anus and coats its buttocks with Master's jizz.


 TOP: Masters Nick, Guy & Billy 114 Images 4 Videos     11 Streaming Minutes 



After working his pony really hard Master Billy waters it with fresh Master's piss as punishment for coming second in their race against Master Guy and baldy. Aiming his young cock at the sub crouched on the floor, Billy empties his full bladder of urine across sam's head and body, coating his pony in stinking piss. Master Guy and Master Nick cannot resist the opportunity to join Billy in humiliating sam, standing over the already drenched sub they too urinate on the useless cunt. As a reward for carrying Guy across the finish line first, sub baldy gets fed some generous gobs of spit from his Masters. What a lucky pony baldy is.

Nick hasn't forgotten that sam has to be properly punished for being so crap as a pony, taught a lesson that he won't easily forget. For acting like a useless ungrateful cunt sam will get treated like one, a game of winner fucks the loser fits the bill. Master Nick knows that nothing would make this bottom happier than having his Master's thick hard cock buried deep in his gut, so that is exactly what he won't be getting. Sub baldy is made to hump sam's arse like a dog while Nick gets his cock and ballsack serviced in the doggies sloppy wet mouth, each testicle sucked and slurped on like they are fat juicy gobstoppers. Sporting a rock hard erection Nick plunges it into baldy's anus, riding the sub hard and stretching it's hole as he takes his pleasure. Master Guy pushes his penis into sam's face for it to get kissed and worshipped by the sub's slutty lips. Taking his Master's growing cock into his mouth sam sucks on it, savouring its taste as his lips and tongue work together to make Guy hard.

It's only a matter of time before sam draws the wrath of Master Guy, forgetting to shield his teeth while sucking on his Master's thick dick. Billy steps forward and orders the useless cunt to lick is sweaty hairless balls clean, at least there shouldn't be any dental mishaps with that simple task. Tongue bathing the young Master's bollocks is a treat that sam does not deserve; However Billy has a punishment ready to unleash on the unsuspecting bottom. The attention his sensitive scrotum is being given has made Billy hard; Using his cock as a means of torment he pushes his erection into the sub's mouth and down into the back of sam's throat. Rising up onto his toes Billy face fucks the useless sub, damaging the cunt on his cock and delivering his eye-watering penalty to the prick for his lack of discipline while serving his Masters. Guy now takes over from Billy, pushing the sub to the floor he positions himself behind sam and penetrates the bottom doggy-style, fucking him in a relentless Top's assault.

Nick nears his orgasm; Pulling his throbbing cock out of baldy's arse he positions himself over the sub's face and unloads a creamy thick deposit of spunk over it's lips which baldy is ordered to clean up and swallow. Having used sam's hole as a fuck toy Master Guy pulls out and spurts two lengths of cum across the sub's back and arse cheeks; baldy's treat for winning the race will be to clean his Master's spunk from sam's crack.

 TOP: Master Billy 39 Images 4 Videos     22 Streaming Minutes 



Introducing lusty, nasty young Master Billy who takes advantage of this feeble worm of a sub.

The big-dicked top has just finished a game of basketball and finds his naked sub alone and powerless. Billy, with a belt in his hand, threatens the sub and has him strip off his master's clothes before ordering him to lick his boots and then suck his huge, rapidly hardening dick. This is one of Brutal Top's hottest ever sessions!

 TOP: Master Jack 29 Images 4 Videos     11 Streaming Minutes 



Handsome young Master Jack returns to fuck the living daylights out of this feeble sub. The whimpering runt is powerless to prevent the big-dicked lad from ramming his cock deep up his rear. You can see that Master Jack is getting deeply satisfying sexual satisfaction from damaging this humiliated worm.

After pumping harshly and causing some real ass stretching, Master Jack shoots his thick, sticky spunk onto the prostate face of the sub.


 TOP: Master Shamus 58 Images 4 Videos     11 Streaming Minutes 


 TOP: Master Liam 34 Images 4 Videos     12 Streaming Minutes 



Sexy new Master Liam appears again to fuck the living daylights out of this pathetic runt. The top's impressive dick is first rammed deep into the sub's mouth before the Master barks at the worm to turn around and spread open his arsehole.

Deeply pounding into the sub's arse excites the vicious top who shoots his thick spunk into the worthless face of the bewildered sub.


 TOP: Master Leonardo 69 Images 4 Videos     15 Streaming Minutes 



Handsome Master Leonardo has an incredible body and highly impressive dick which he quickly rams into the back of this pathetic sub's throat. The two guys are completely naked and we find Leonardo putting a dog collar and chain onto his sub and mistreating him. The Master pushes the runt onto his all fours and ploughs his meaty dick deep into the sub's gaping areshole.

The Master's thick cock causes considerable damage to the runt's arsehole as the top powerfully pumps into him. Eventually, the Master can hold back no longer and spunks his load into the sub's mouth, ordering him to lick clean his monster dick as the snarling top watches on with sadistic pleasure.

Snarling schoolboy Master Charlie returns to complete his humiliating treatment of submissive worm elliott. This time the dangerous top can't be bothered to remove his clothes but instead treads all over the worm and treats him like the worthless scum he is.
Treading painfully on the sub's dick causes considerable pain to the sub and this is followed by a mean thrashing from the belt-wielding top. Becoming more and more frenzied, the top kicks the sub directly in his balls and seems to cause considerable damage to the defeated rat.
He then lies on his back so that the top can trample on him, causing more and more damage to his pasty, white body. All the time the psychotic top sneers and laughs at the crawling scum below him.

 TOP: Master Lucas and Master Edward 63 Images 4 Videos     16 Streaming Minutes 



Lucas, Brutal Top's hottest Master, returns with his pal Edward to continue the vicious mistreatment of this feeble sub by fucking him senseless.

The three young men are all discovered completely nude with the runt on his knees awaiting the session. The Masters arrive and take it in turns to ram their dicks into the sub's mouth whilst he alternatively wanks off the other.

This excites the snarling Masters who order the worthless sub to bend over so that they can both fuck the living daylights out of him. Lucas pumps away happily, all the time barking orders at the loose-arsed sub below him. He spunks his load into the sub's mouth before Edward follows suit and also unloads his jizz into the sub' s mouth. At the end all three are left exhausted with the runt bewildered and humiliated about what has just happened to him.

Snarling schoolboy Master Charlie returns to complete his humiliating treatment of submissive worm elliott. This time the dangerous top can't be bothered to remove his clothes but instead treads all over the worm and treats him like the worthless scumbag he is.
Treading painfully on the sub's dick causes considerable pain to the sub and this is followed by a mean thrashing from the belt-wielding top. Becoming more and more frenzied, the top kicks the sub directly in his balls and seems to cause considerable damage to the defeated rat.
He then lies on his back so that the top can trample on him, causing more and more damage to his pasty, white body. All the time the psychotic top sneers and laughs at the crawling scum below him.

 TOP: Master Martin 95 Images 4 Videos 8 Streaming Minutes 


Sub peter has already seen just how short a fuse Top Martin has, feeling his full wrath every time he fucks up, but there is a humiliating, cruel side to his Master as well...

Ordering the sub onto the floor so it's mouth is in line with his arse hole, Martin breaks chunks off a chocolate bar, pushing them up into his hot anus. After a few seconds he squeezes them back out, now softened brown lumps, coating his puckered hole in the confection...

Humiliated and disgusted, peter has to clean Martin's soiled hole with his dirty little mouth and slutty tongue, bathing and rimming his Master's hole pristine clean again - just as Martin shoves up another chunk ready to curl out...



 TOPS: Master Shamus 92 Images 4 Videos 13 Streaming Minutes 


Master Shamus puts the sub's mouth to good use in the bathroom, giving it a good dose of humiliation plus a lesson in oral servitude. With it's cock still confined in chastity, sub ben's first task is to clean the filthy toilet with his own toothbrush...

Ben gulps down as much Master's piss as he can but the Top's flow is so heavy the floor is soon soaked in his spilt urine... another job for ben's dirty little mouth to slurp up before moving onto the main event, a filthy hole in need of an eager sub's worthless tongue to detail clean...

Shamus lends ben some extra encouragement to get him started on his dirty task, ramming his face deep between his exposed buttocks, ben's tongue has no where else to go but up the Top's soiled hole...




26th October 2020

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