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 LATEST SESSION ADDED: 23rd November 2023

 TOP: Master Dave and Master Cal           13 Streaming Minutes 
  This obedient pup needs firm training if it wants the honour of serving us to continue. It amuses us to recline in our jock straps while this wastrel crouches naked at our feet licking clean our football boots with its tongue. As it struggles to adequately comply we whip its arse with a belt. Get every speck of mud and muck out of the grooves of our shoes, cunt! We demean this scrawny bitch while it desperately laps at our feet. It pathetically whimpers and cries but this scum gets NO MERCY from us! It’s worth nothing more than a foot stool. We jam our stinky socks down its throat and demand it lick clean our pungent feet as well. What a disgusting fucker!  

 PREVIOUS SESSION ADDED: 16th November 2023

 TOP: Master Dave and Master Cal           13 Streaming Minutes 
  It entertains us that this pathetic worm hungers for the smell and taste of our sweaty jock straps even if it moans about it. The fag doth protest too much, methinks! We give the swine a giant whiff of our dicks and arses. Haha! Take it in, bitch! It’s pitiful how wimpy this lowlife looks compared to our manly muscular bodies! We direct it to oil us up to emphasize the difference even more. Look at how desperately it craves sexually pleasing us. We smack its face with our erections and viciously ram our rods down its throat. It’s just a filthy good for nothing cock sucker that deserves a fucking smack!  

 PREVIOUS SESSION ADDED: 9th November 2023

 TOP: Master Dave and Master Cal           11 Streaming Minutes 
  We arrive back from a long hard football match to discover this pathetic cunt waiting obediently naked on its knees. We crush its face in our sweaty pits so its lungs are filled with the manly stink of our under arms. The lowly wimp is so small it can barely reach high enough to remove our dirty football shirts. Its failure earns it hard smacks to its face and bare arse. We bury its nose and mouth in our sweaty football boots. Haha! Look at the worm squirm! The moron struggles so much just to remove our shirts and its clumsiness means it deserves harsher punishment. A sharp elbow to the ribs and a hard spanking coupled with shouted instructions does wonders to motivate this lazy prick. The piggie should feel honoured to bury its nose in our sweaty piss stained jocks!  

 PREVIOUS SESSION ADDED: 2nd November 2023

 TOP: Master Blake and Master Dave           11 Streaming Minutes 
  This cunt is just a piss pot! We make the runt swallow our urine and we demean it further by making it eat from our arses. What a fucking laugh! There’s no depths to which this measly prick won’t sink. While fully restrained it struggles to swallow down ever last bit even though those bars are covered in our arse sweat and hair. Its stomach is churning full with our spunk, piss and bum juice. Make it open its gob for a treat and instead we smash a pie on its face. Haha! Look at it covered in filth. What a disgusting wretch!  

 PREVIOUS SESSION ADDED: 26th October 2023

 TOP: Master Blake and Master Dave           11 Streaming Minutes 
  It amuses us that this pathetic cock hungry bitch is desperate to serve our dicks. We demand it wait upon our erections but we’re going to make it as painful as possible for this worm. While it’s fully shackled it struggles to stroke both our cocks at the same time. It’s such a fucking dunce that it struggles to suck one of us and wank the other at the same time. Look at it getting totally overwhelmed by our big rods. We use its mouth as a cum receptacle and rub sperm all over its head. The bastard’s duties aren’t complete because it now must lick out Master Blake’s arse! Its throat must be well and truly coated in sperm. We wash it all down with a load of fresh piss! Haha! The weakling absolutely wreaks of spunk and urine. What a sorry sod!  

 PREVIOUS SESSION ADDED: 19th October 2023

 TOP: Master Blake and Master Dave           12 Streaming Minutes 
  Not only must this sorry wretch lick our sweaty feet, but it has to suck every toe clean. We ram our feet down its throat till its face goes red. It must swallow every speck of dirt. We’re tired of looking at its pathetic rat face so we present our big muscular arses and demand that it lick our bum holes clean! We’ve had a hard workout and our arses are fucking ripe with sweat! It must ram its tongue straight up our filthy holes, sucking every hair on our arse cracks. The bitch must show proper gratitude for the privilege of worshiping our butts. All that little worm tongue can taste is arse! Ha! Master Blake holds the back of its head and releases a stinking gassy cloud straight down its throat so its lungs are filled with the rank vapour from his guts. What a fucking sorry cunt!  

 PREVIOUS SESSION ADDED: 12th October 2023

 TOP: Master Blake and Master Dave           11 Streaming Minutes 
  The disobedient bitch forgets its place. It should NEVER stand above us! A swift gut punch reminds the runt that it should always be on its hands and knees. In fact, why not just use the runt as a footstool?! We rest our legs on its bare back making its scrawny limbs tremble from the muscular weight. At the same time it must remove our shoes and gets an all consuming whiff of our stinking sweaty feet. We ram our socked feet down its gullet! Look at its face wrenched in pain taking it down its throat. We don’t even allow the pup to use its hands anymore. It must move our shoes and peel off our socks with its mouth. Its only reward is a swift kick to the arse. The bitch desperately licks all the sweat and grime from between our toes and the soles of our feet. Haha! It even has to gnaw the dead skin off from our heels!  


 TOP: Master Blake and Master Dave           11 Streaming Minutes 
  Look at this scrawny bitch struggling to tongue bathe the most sweaty and richly scented areas of our bodies. Get right in those hairy pits, cunt! We strongly grip the back of its neck and direct its mouth exactly where we want it. I flaunt Master Blake’s big dick in its face but don’t allow it to touch it even though I can see the greedy fag salivating. Its little rodent eyes are centimetres from that cock and it can smell the manly stink. It’s hilarious how the fucker is so horny for us it is driven senseless. The piggie can barely fit both of those massive testicles in its mouth. It’s ruthlessly skull fucked and it must take that huge erection right down its throat. Any slippage and it gets a vicious belting on the arse! Master Blake pounds the fucker’s mouth like it’s a wet pussy!  

 PREVIOUS SESSION ADDED: 28th September 2023

 TOP: Master Blake and Master Dave           11 Streaming Minutes 
  This pathetic saddo thinks we’ll be turned on by obediently waiting naked for our attention. We size up this loser and verbally humiliate the fucker. What a sorry excuse! It amuses us to permit it to strip our clothes off so we can compare our masculine hairy bodies to the weakling. The cunt rushes to obey while we leave the imprint of our shoes on its back and crush its hand. It must inhale the pungent scent of our socks and suck out the sweat! What’s more we crush its face in our hairy armpit so it’s completely overwhelmed by that manly funk. It must lick and suck every fucking hair so that musk will coat its tongue for weeks. The bitch must bury its face in there or we’ll rip its ears off!  

 PREVIOUS SESSION ADDED: 21st September 2023

 TOP: Master Blake and Master Dave           13 Streaming Minutes 
  We make it crystal clear to this lazy beast that it will carry the full bulk of Master Blake’s naked muscular body around the room or its punishment will be fucking severe! Look at it sweating buckets and trembling as its entire body is about to break. Haha! Of course the weakling fails! The only use for this bitch is to lick our arses. It must plunge its face deep in my bum hole so all it can smell is the stench of my guts! We both rest the weight of our bodies on its bare back and demand it crawl but it struggles to even move an inch. We pin this weakling to the floor and wallop its already sore arse so harshly that its flaming red. The nasty cunt must ram its tongue up our arseholes. We demand that it lick every drop of sweat and dirt from our holes or it will be sorry. The pathetic whore actually does it! Ha! What a loser!  

 PREVIOUS SESSION ADDED: 14th September 2023

 TOP: Master Blake and Master Dave           12 Streaming Minutes 
  This weakling thinks it can lazily kneel in obedience while we work hard disciplining it. Time for this fucker to serve us and take our heft becoming a princely pony. With a bit secured in its mouth we can direct it where to go by effortlessly yanking its head with just a little tug from the leash. It’s hilarious watching this cunt follow our lead crawling over the filthy floor and buckling with our full weight on its back. Its little limbs tremble on the brink of snapping but we don’t give a fuck. Any slacking earns it a smack to the arse! We laugh uproariously as it pathetically cries and its pushed past its limits. The bastard is so useless it’s lower than a beast. It will obey our commands or we’ll break its fucking arse!  

 PREVIOUS SESSION ADDED: 7th September 2023

 TOP: Master Blake and Master Dave           12 Streaming Minutes 
  This pathetic wimp is a poor excuse for a cocksucker! We need to train the fucker how to properly deep throat dick, ramming our members down its throat till it gasps for air. Look at how the greedy pig laps every trace of sweat from our balls. It fills its gob with our fleshy pink sacks! Then it winces from the powerful musky odour of our crotches but we make the weakling inhale our dirty pants. As a special treat we allow this nasty cunt to swallow our precum. We direct it in how to use its tongue to get into our arseholes and under our foreskins. Clean them both at the same time, bitch! It actually attaches its mouth to our bums desperately working from arsehole to arsehole. We roar with laughter releasing gaseous farts in its face while demanding that it keep servicing us. Haha! What a fucking filthy bottom feeder!  


 TOP: Master Blake and Master Dave           12 Streaming Minutes 
  After our weight lifting session we’ve got really sweaty armpits. It amuses us that this lowly cunt waits stark naked just to get its nose under our arms. Haha! Get a whiff of that real man stink! What’s more this snivelling cretin MUST use its tongue to lick every fragrant drop from our hairy pits. It’s so puny in stature it must stretch upward just to reach beneath our muscular arms. Suck every hair clean, fucker! We seize its arms and hold it in place. It’s hilarious how much this bitch craves our muscles. We don’t care if it breaks its neck straining to serve us. That includes lapping at our crotches and cleaning the shafts of our dicks. Any moaning earns it a harsh spanking. What a pathetic cocksucker!  


 TOP: Master Blake and Master Dave           10 Streaming Minutes 
  We mash this pathetic cretin’s face in our sweaty crotches and arses! What a greedy selfish fag! Any slackening earns it a whacking with our leather belts. We make the piggie keep its nose buried in our fragrant holes while removing our pants. The bitch is desperate for any little whiff or taste of our manhood. This lowlife will take a fucking so hard it’ll never sit right again. We don’t care that its insides are being mangled. Any crying or disobedience earns it a harder punishment. It’s going to stay on its hands and knees being pounded raw while swallowing our stinking piss! Take it, useless cunt! It will comply or we’ll destroy it in the process!  


 TOP: Master Blake and Master Dave           11 Streaming Minutes 
  We’ve just had a hard workout and are all sweaty. It’s so fucking funny how this snivelling bitch waits naked to serve us. But this runt is useless at taking orders. It requires some heavy lashings with our leather belts to make it comply to our wishes. We don’t give a fuck because we’ll whack this bitch raw to ensure it serves us properly. The useless thing even struggles to remove our clothes a piece at a time. It requires constant supervision and belittlement with frequent cruel whips and kicks to its arse. It highly amuses us to see its face wracked with pain. The fucker actually struggles to bury its face in our crotches and arses to fully inhale the sweaty scent of our crotches! What a disgustingly desperate bottom feeder!  

 TOP: Master Aaron and Master Dave           11 Streaming Minutes 
  Master Aaron is feeling backed up so it’s a good thing we’ve got this arse licker ready to help ease it all out! The fucker actually slides its tongue up his bum hole to suck out whatever is inside! There’s no depths to which this dirty fag will sink in order to please us. With a man’s arse planted completely over its face and me standing on its lungs with my full weight the bastard can barely get any air! We don’t give a fuck that the bitch is at breaking point. We’re merciless in belting its sore body and bashing its balls till its reeling in agony. A pathetic cunt like this deserves flat testicles. We stomp on its hands and face while making it desperately try to kiss the filthy soles of our trainers! Look at how we both stand on this doormat’s body simultaneously squashing it beneath our full muscular weight.  

 TOP: Master Aaron and Master Dave           11 Streaming Minutes 
  This ingrate knows it’s lower than the filthy rug beneath our feet. It’s hilarious that the pathetic fucker actually waits for us stretched out naked on the floor just to feel the filthy undersides of our trainers! We have a laugh taking turns trampling the cunt into the ground and crushing it beneath our full weight. The saddo must humiliate itself by singing to us while we flatten its chest and lungs. Look at the filthy shoe marks we leave all over its body! Haha! We kick it hard in its big saggy scrotum so its completely winded. Lick the bottom of our trainers and tongue our arseholes, fucker! We don’t care that this bastard’s body is about to break! Take it and be grateful, bitch!  

 TOP: Master Aaron and Master Dave           10 Streaming Minutes 
  Back in boarding school my mates and I would regularly pick on the wimpy boys. In the middle of the night we’d nab them, strip them and string them up naked to batter the living fuck out of them. It’s the natural order! And that’s what we’ve done with this useless cunt. All that doughy pale flesh makes a target for us to take turns flogging the bastard till it’s whining in agony and its skin is flaring red! Ha! We pair that with iron fisted gut punches leaving it completely winded. Take it, bitch! Look at how it’s pathetically crying! We remind this sad sack exactly what it is by scrawling over its body in permanent marker. Nothing more than a tiny dicked fag. Now everyone can see this scum for what it really is!  

 TOP: Master Aaron and Master Dave           11 Streaming Minutes 
  We emphasize that this fucker has absolutely no free will by locking its neck in metal stocks so its wrists are fully restricted. Now the cocksucker must struggle to pleasure us! This fag really will do anything to get a taste of our big dicks. It desperately licks and sucks till we’ve got stiff erections to ram its greedy gob. We don’t care that it’s gulping for air while we pound its skull and fuck the back of its throat! The filthy pig even uses its tongue to clean our arseholes taking long licks of our cracks and slides into our stinking holes. This bottom feeder will even gobble whatever we serve straight from our arseholes! The pathetic swine!  

 TOP: Master Billy & Master Terry 150 Images 4 Videos     14 Streaming Minutes 

 TOP: Master Dave and Master Thomas           10 Streaming Minutes 

All that hot work on the construction site means we’ve been guzzling gallons of water. So our bladders are full to bursting! And here we have our own personal human urinal. This disgusting saddo better swallow every last drop of my stinking yellow piss or its going to get a THRASHING. I also need it to clean my dick and stinking arse with its tongue. And this fucking piggie better obey OR ELSE…

 TOP: Master Dave and Master Thomas           13 Streaming Minutes 

After a hard day of heavy lifting the least that this faggot cunt can do is strip off our sweaty work gear for us. But the dozy bitch is so fucking useless we have to use our leather belts to mercilessly whack its back and eager arse. Haha! Soon that lily white skin is striped red!!! Master Thomas’ feet are covered in sweat and grime and we order this pig to lick his feet clean. We work up a fresh layer of sweat smashing this bitch so the air in the room is thick with the stench of our masculine bodies. To entertain us we demand this pathetic fucker fuck himself while bouncing around. What a ridiculous little homo!!!

 TOP: Master Aaron and Master Thomas           10 Streaming Minutes 

I tell my mate Master Thomas about the filthy fun I had using this dirty fucker. I bring him in so we can use this faggot together. We know it wants our arses so we ram them right in its face! Ha! That’s right! A real man’s stinking arse directly over its mouth and nose so this homo is totally overwhelmed. We ram its head right into our arse cracks and demand that it slide its tongue up our holes.

 TOP: Master Leo             10 Streaming Minutes 

 TOP: Master Toby   24 Images 4 Videos     13 Streaming Minutes 

 TOP: Master Bob 45 Images 4 Videos     11 Streaming Minutes 

 TOP: Master Austin 34 Images 4 Videos     10 Streaming Minutes 

 TOP: Masters Maurice and Dave 43 Images 4 Videos     13 Streaming Minutes 

 TOP: Master Nick & Master Lukas 92 Images 4 Videos     9 Streaming Minutes 



Cruel medics Master Nick and Master Lukas are training a new sub in need of an attitude adjustment. The angry red welts cutting stripes across sub james' fleshy buttocks prove he still has a lot to learn, and fast, if he wants to avoid any more punishing swipes of the Top's crop. Nick decides he'll cram james' dick into a small chastity cage, an ever present reminder that all sexual pleasure is the domain of his Masters and not an unworthy sub like him. Squeezing james' testicles through the small chastity collar causes the sub some obvious discomfort, much to Nick's amusement. Lifting its legs to inspect his handiwork Nick paddles james' buttocks with his hand adding more stinging pain to the already glowing red cheeks. With a knowing nod to Master Lucas the plan is set, james will be their fuck bitch, both his holes will get ruined on their thick hard pricks.

Ordering the sub to kneel before him Nick pushes his already stiffening cock into the face of the sub, its mouth opening without question to begin servicing his Master with its slutty wet mouth and tongue. Master Lucas rarely loses his magnificent hard erection; First slipping a finger into the sub's anus to prepare it for his considerable girth, Lucas takes up position behind james and in one push sinks his cock deep into its bowel. Having his anus stretched on such a big cock makes james wince in pain, dropping Nick's cock from between his lips and earning him a couple of whacks for good measure from his Master.

The Tops swap positions, james' head gripped between Lukas' strong hands as his throat gets fucked by the cock that's only just been pulled out from his arse. Nick has already pushed his wet, tongue bathed cock into the space left by Lukas' equally thick penis, stretching the sub's sphincter even further as he pummels the poor bastards to take his pleasure. Choking the sub on his dirty cock as he pushes it deep into james' throat has brought Master Lucas close to the edge of cumming. Pulling his cock out from between the sub's lips its already coated in his heavy load and thick with the sub's saliva. Milking the last of his precious load from his balls Lukas feeds james' with it, every last drop must be devoured. Nick unsheathes his hard dick from james' slutty anus and coats its buttocks with Master's jizz.


 TOP: Master Billy & Master Wayne 141 Images 4 Videos     17 Streaming Minutes 



As Master Billy's big day approaches, he and best man Wayne are in a suit hire shop getting fitted for their wedding outfits. Things are not to their total satisfaction, in fact, the creepy assistant serving them is getting a little too familiar with their firm athletic young bodies for their liking. Snatching another quick feel of Wayne's arse through his suit trousers has pushed this Top's buttons once too often. Sensing he may have gone too far this time, sub peter checks on the groom in the changing cubicle, but pulling back the curtain, exposes the young Master in his tight white underwear instead. Not a good move. Things don't improve as handsome Billy steps out of the cubicle to get his inside leg measurement taken for the trousers, the pervy tailor grabbing a good handful of the Master's cock in the process. Guessing the curtain incident was no accident but another opportunity for this dirty fucker to catch a glimpse of Billy's pert young arse, the Top's decide to teach peter a lesson, and have a bit of fun at his expense into the bargain...

Lassoing a tape measure tightly around the tailor's stubby little cock and balls, Master Billy tugs cruelly on it, dragging peter around the fitting room like a dog on a leash, the uncomfortable tape cutting into the sub's crotch as Billy wrenches on it to get him to heel.

Wayne joins in, pushing, kicking and punching peter as he crawls around the floor, being made to worship and lick their filthy shoes with his tongue like a good doggy, more harsh tugs on the cock leash to punish the puppy for any hesitation, Master Billy even taking a ride on its back. This dirty old cunt wanted to see what prizes lay under the Top's clothing and he's about to find out, but in a way even he could not have ever dreamed of. Both Master's pull their cocks out through the fly of their suit trousers ready for peter to service them with his mouth and tongue. Ordered to suckle their penises to full erection they use their stiffened cocks to choke and torment the sub, taking turns to relentlessly face fuck him, drool and phlegm coating their hard tools after being rammed deep into the back of the sub's throat. Those pert arses that peter was so keen to get a feel of are now laid bare in front of him as each top takes up position on the sofa ready to get their bumhole's rimmed. Pushing the sub's head between their buttocks, the young pair order peter to poke his slutty tongue deep between their exposed pink buds.

The Tops are enjoying humiliating peter, exacting their revenge and teaching the pervy cunt a lesson as he cleans out their CRAPPY holes. These school buddies have shared a lot of things over the years, pushing peter back and forth between their holes, stroking their erections and turned on by the feel of the sub's slutty tongue lapping at their sensitive arses, kiss each other...

 TOP: Master Billy 39 Images 4 Videos     22 Streaming Minutes 

 TOP: Master Nick & Master Lukas 95 Images 4 Videos     13 Streaming Minutes 


 TOP: Master Liam 34 Images 4 Videos     12 Streaming Minutes 


 TOP: Master Leonardo 69 Images 4 Videos     15 Streaming Minutes 

Snarling schoolboy Master Charlie returns to complete his humiliating treatment of submissive worm elliott. This time the dangerous top can't be bothered to remove his clothes but instead treads all over the worm and treats him like the worthless scum he is.
Treading painfully on the sub's dick causes considerable pain to the sub and this is followed by a mean thrashing from the belt-wielding top. Becoming more and more frenzied, the top kicks the sub directly in his balls and seems to cause considerable damage to the defeated rat.
He then lies on his back so that the top can trample on him, causing more and more damage to his pasty, white body. All the time the psychotic top sneers and laughs at the crawling scum below him.

 TOP: Master Lucas and Master Edward 63 Images 4 Videos     16 Streaming Minutes 



Lucas, Brutal Top's hottest Master, returns with his pal Edward to continue the vicious mistreatment of this feeble sub by fucking him senseless.

The three young men are all discovered completely nude with the runt on his knees awaiting the session. The Masters arrive and take it in turns to ram their dicks into the sub's mouth whilst he alternatively wanks off the other.

This excites the snarling Masters who order the worthless sub to bend over so that they can both fuck the living daylights out of him. Lucas pumps away happily, all the time barking orders at the loose-arsed sub below him. He spunks his load into the sub's mouth before Edward follows suit and also unloads his jizz into the sub' s mouth. At the end all three are left exhausted with the runt bewildered and humiliated about what has just happened to him.

Snarling schoolboy Master Charlie returns to complete his humiliating treatment of submissive worm elliott. This time the dangerous top can't be bothered to remove his clothes but instead treads all over the worm and treats him like the worthless scumbag he is.
Treading painfully on the sub's dick causes considerable pain to the sub and this is followed by a mean thrashing from the belt-wielding top. Becoming more and more frenzied, the top kicks the sub directly in his balls and seems to cause considerable damage to the defeated rat.
He then lies on his back so that the top can trample on him, causing more and more damage to his pasty, white body. All the time the psychotic top sneers and laughs at the crawling scum below him.

 TOP: Master Martin 95 Images 4 Videos 8 Streaming Minutes 


Sub peter has already seen just how short a fuse Top Martin has, feeling his full wrath every time he fucks up, but there is a humiliating, cruel side to his Master as well...

Ordering the sub onto the floor so it's mouth is in line with his arse hole, Martin breaks chunks off a chocolate bar, pushing them up into his hot anus. After a few seconds he squeezes them back out, now softened brown lumps, coating his puckered hole in the confection...

Humiliated and disgusted, peter has to clean Martin's soiled hole with his dirty little mouth and slutty tongue, bathing and rimming his Master's hole pristine clean again - just as Martin shoves up another chunk ready to curl out...







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